Top Ten Places to Visit Cuenca Ecuador

Cuenca is probably one of the most charming and peaceful towns in which to visit while in Ecuador. Until about thirty-years ago, Cuenca was still a difficult place to travel to in Ecuador and is still isolated to some degree, culturally.

1. El Barranco - The most well known physical point in Cuenca is the riverfront of the Tomebamba River. It divides the historical and new city. While it is a residential district, it also serves as a cultural hub. Home to the Central Bank and the Pumapungo ruins. 

2  Pamapungo Vestiges. Located in Barranco, the Pumapungo barrio is the original site of the Incas (In Ecuador) in what was called Tumipamba. The architecture indicates the vestiges were primarily a religious, political and military administrative center There is a large channel funning over 1,000 feet surrounded by terraces.

3. Ruins of Todos Los Santos - Here you can see Cañari, Incas and Spanish construction examples. 

4. Native Cultures Museum - This museum is dedicated to the indigenous cultures of Ecuador. There ae more than 5,000 pieces on display. Calle Larga 5-24. 

5. Eduardo Vega Workshop and Gallery -

6. Gualaceo
Located only 36 km from Cuenca, Gualaceo is well know for its artists, handicrafts and the Sunday market.

7. El Carmen de Asunción - This Church and Monastery dates from the 17th c. Completely restored to its original condition. It is located near the main square next to the daily flower market.

8. Convención del 45 is located on the wet side of the city and is where many of the local potters are located.

9. Cuenca is the jewelry center of Ecuador. There are numerous jewlry shops located on Gran Colombia street. 

10. Cajas National Park - Only 19 miles from Cuenca rests one of the most beautiful national parks in Ecuador. Ranging from 9,000 to 13,000 ft, there are ample opportunities for camping, fishing and hiking. There are over 230 glacial lagoons an substantial flora. 

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